When I bought my Victorian apartment in October 2015 I knew it needed work but I wasn’t quite anticipating how much work I would need to put in to get my home how I want it. Before I start sharing any pictures of what my flat looks like now, ten months on, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what it looked like before I started changing everything in sight.

Living Room
The living room didn’t present too many issues. It’s a good size and the carpet wasn’t in a terrible state. Basically, it’s the only room where I’ve not had to spend a huge amount of money on.
There’s a lot to love about this room, the big bay window being one of them! But while it offers a lot of light, they are the original windows so they’re not very energy efficient plus their size has meant that it’s been difficult to find curtains that fit that don’t cost a fortune.

Love love love the original fireplace. I have since painted the surround white and then the back wall I am planning on painting dark blue. For some reason, the previous owner covered the original tiles in the hearth with horrendous brown matt tiles, I still can’t figure out why. Plans include removing the horrible gas fire and hopefully restoring the original tiles.

It’s difficult to tell but the walls are all beige/brown. And the radiator? Also light brown.

Ah the kitchen, what a nightmare you have been! For the record, the units themselves were fine. The original plan was to remove one tall cupboard so I could fit my large tall fridge into it, then possibly re-tile and paint the cupboards white. Once we removed said cupboard, this opened a can of worms that basically entailed ripping the entire thing out and starting over, but that’s a post for another day.
As you can see, it’s pretty grim. Brown, dark, brown, beige and brown. Yuck. And yes, that is wallpaper.
I don’t know what else to say other than brown. And yuck.
The orange door of wonder got taken down on day one. And yes, the lino is pulling away from the floor. YUCK.

As you can see I was so eager when I first got the keys, that pulling down the BEIGE wallpaper was more important than taking before shots.
For some reason, it was really important to me to get this room DONE before I actually moved in, hence the mad desire to rip the wallpaper off straight away. Very satisfying.
Once again, the radiator is painted brown. The previous owners either had a bucket load of the stuff or they have odd decor tastes. And yes, that is a blue carpet. So much colour horror in this house, I’m telling you!

We think the carpet was original and in it’s day was very expensive. Alas, it’s now in a dump somewhere because it’s condition wasn’t the best and it wasn’t to my taste either.

Box Room
This is actually classed a single bedroom, but I knew when I had my first viewing that it was destined to be my new studio/office space! However, it is now destined to become a guest bedroom and my craft space.

For a few months I actually thought I’d be able to live with this room. Yes, the suite is hideous and dated but I was okay with that. However there’s no shower and I work full time, so my spare time is precious and as much as I love a bath, a shower is just so much more convenient. This is a room I should be able to reveal soon as it was completely renovated last month, I’m just working on the finishing touches now.


I hope you’ve liked this little tour of my home as it was when I first moved in. I’m looking forward to sharing in progress pics of the rooms I’m currently working on over the coming months!

The beginning stages of styling a bookshelf is a terrifying prospect. Thankfully, there’s so much inspiration available on the internet that you’re never far away from an idea that works for you.

While designing the space for my living room, I’ve been very conscious of the fact that it’s a bit of an odd space. I basically live in the roof of a Victorian building so there’s little alcoves, sloped walls and a huge bay window to contend with. There’s one section of wall however that is blissfully free of any obstructions so I knew I wanted some kind of big furniture piece here to display my books and random collections. My biggest inspiration came from this image from The Wonder Forest.

thewonderforest, bookshelf

It was big, nicely symmetrical and most importantly, very affordable as it was from Ikea. On the spur of the moment – very unlike me, I ordered a similar set of bookcases from Ikea for less than £100. I’m a bit ashamed to say that they’ve been sitting in their boxes for about two months while I’ve been finishing other areas in the house. Last weekend though, I ripped open the boxes and finally got them up. After making the first one, I thought I’d made a horrible mistake – I couldn’t visualise making two more up. Thankfully, I persevered and in the end I’m really pleased with how they fit in the room.

theprettyblog, bookshelf
Via The Pretty Blog

So now the time has come to figure out how to organise them. Pinterest as always has been a huge help in deciding how it could be done and I intend to spend the next couple of ideas moving things around to see how they fit.

katelavie, bookshelf
Via Kate La Vie

I’ve been picking up little knick knacks from charity shops the last few months so I’m excited to finally get them all out of their boxes and display them. Hopefully I’ll be able to share what I’ve come up with soon.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a very long time now. After several stops and starts, I’m finally getting my bum in gear and getting one sorted out. As you can see, it’s still in the design process at the moment so I apologise if you’ve visited via one of my social media links (Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest)or from the cards I give out with purchases from my Etsy shop.

Why I wanted to start this blog:
Last October, I bought my very first home – a two-bedroom Victorian apartment with attic room. To be fair, it was always going to be a bit of a project and I think I was kidding myself with how much I could get done quickly. The previous owner seems to have had a love affair with brown/beige and sadly, I’m not a fan. The last few months have been a whirlwind of ripping down wallpaper, pulling up carpets and painting walls. This blog is primarily my way of documenting the changes I’ve made, to see where all the hard work and frustration has gone. This isn’t my forever home, but I’m determined to make it the best it can possibly be.

I’ll also be sharing a behind the scenes look at my artwork, sharing tips and tutorials for around the home, telling you a little bit about me and my life and the various crafts I like to do.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and visit again soon!